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Dinner Meeting with Illini Division - Georgetown

October 10, 2023
Georgetown-Ridge Farm High School
500 W. Mulberry St. Georgetown, IL 61846 
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Open house - 5:30pm
Registration - 6:00pm 

NOTE: A division business meeting will commence during this event.

Featured Presentation: Addressing the Teacher Shortage – Combining Strategies for Recruitment, Attrition, and Retention

Securing teacher employment amidst a profession plagued with candidate shortages threatens the stability and the expected deliveries of the education system. Confronted with this state and national challenge, district ingenuity has enabled some degree of coverage. Despite ingenuity, the depth of the shortage has proven formidable and evoked a research-based exploration of the causes, along with potential sources of relief for impacted school districts. Featured presenter, Dr. Patrick Rice (President of the Black Educational Advocacy Coalition, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana) will share the circumstances and dynamics of the existing teacher shortage, along with the current problem of teacher retention and attrition, while expounding on options districts may explore to overcome this shortage. Following the presentation, a question-answer period between the presenter and attendees will occur (as time permits).

Parking Instructions: Park around the circle drive and enter the building through the main school entrance.

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Georgetown-Ridge Farm High School
500 W. Mulberry St. Georgetown, IL 61846