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Title IX Training for School Board Appellate Decision-Makers

To make sure that you fully understand these bases for appeal and can fulfill your ADM role, this course will teach you:

  1. The definition of sexual harassment;
  2. The scope of your district’s education program or activity;
  3. How to conduct an appeal;
  4. How your board and its members can serve impartially, including avoiding prejudgment of the facts at issue, conflicts of interest, and bias;
  5. Relevance issues (of questions, evidence, etc.);
  6. How to ensure you do not have a conflict of interest or bias when making decisions; and
  7. How your role as a member of the Appellate Decision-Making entity differs from the Initial Decision-Maker, Investigator, and/or Title IX Coordinator.

This course is 90 minutes long.

Member Price: $25.00

Non-Member Price $50.00

Successful completion of this course will count toward five Board Leader Recognition Points.